A great class to start with if you're new to barre or just love the fundamental movements broken down into muscle groups. This class will allow for deeper engagement, smaller and slower movements to isolate the contraction of each muscle and create strength and stability in your body. 



Designed to primarily focuses on core and spine strength, this class blends barre, yoga and pilates to get an overall body workout. You will be targeting the center of the body, engaging and activating your ab muscles and working up a sweat!


This signature class focuses on alignment and postural strengths while incorporating the barre and weights. Full of upper and lower body combos, this class will have all of your muscles burning nonstop as well as increasing your flexibility, building lean muscle and boosting your metabolism. 


If you love Barre and you love HIIT, this class is for you! Choreographed to increase your heart rate, sculpt, strengthen and increase your metabolism by combining basic barre movements with HIIT to keep you working hard and having fun.


These pre-recorded 5-10 minute workouts are here for you for whatever you need. Mix and match to get a full workout, isolate your favorite muscle group, hang out with your favorite instructor or get in a MINI session when time is an issue. Each MINI is unique, so do it your way, on your time, wherever! Minis can be found on our Videos on Demand.



When you have more time than a MINI, but not enough time for 60 minutes, this sculpt/foundations hybrid will have you working your full body, at a faster pace to fit your lunch schedule.

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